Marketing Musicians to Promote Brand Awareness

There are countless numbers of talented musicians on Long Island, in New York and around the United States.  Certainly, countless more than we hear on the radio every day.  While there is a whole host of reasons, there remains a large group of talented, driven, outgoing and hungry artists who remain, unfortunately, unnoticed.  There is a very simple, basic reason why some musicians do not get the recognition they deserve and why some are extremely exposed: marketing.  Many musicians never think of, or conceptualize or put in place a strong marketing strategy.

Marketing for musicians does not have to be difficult, yet the upside is tremendous: increased sales, increased gigs and a forward-moving music career.  When looking for a New York SEO Company based in NYC   there are many options out there to explorer in the industry. There are also steps that musicians can take to market themselves.

It is absolutely crucial to develop a brand. Of course this isn’t a brand in the typical sense of the word, after all musicians are human. Brand development for musicians is about showing the target audience, and world, who the musician is as a human, as an artist. It is about focusing on what makes that musician unique and identifiable.  This may seem obvious and simple. And it is, once the artist is able to get into his or her own mind and understand what it is that makes him or her unique. These things typically exist in the subconscious; it may be difficult to pull it out but once it’s discovered, it is relatively simple to make the statement.

Once the brand is developed, it still needs to be marketed. And in 2017, an extremely effective way for the artist themselves, or a Long Island music marketing company, to do this is through social media.  Even major artist will brand and optimize his or her social media accounts immediately prior to releasing new material.  Social media or Web Design Long Island, regardless of the platform, is a very central source to involve fans and those intrigued by the music.  The most important thing is to be clear and concise, but also interesting. People typically scroll through social media quickly, only briefly pausing when something truly catches his or her eye.

Another must is music distribution.  After the brand is developed and the music is produced, it must be distributed to radio programmers, broadcasters, journalists and major networks, such as MTV, BET and VH1.  While a musician can tackle this on his or her own it is typically easier to get a “foot in the door” with the aid of a music marketing company.  An agency that specializes in marketing musicians can also aid in assisting a musician set up different accounts or channels, such as on Spotify or Pandora, to help distribute music.

Another tactic for distributing music or making a musician’s brand known is to get on popular music blogs.  With the ever-increasing popularity of the internet as a main source of news, trends and other information, blogs are a massively effective way of targeting an audience.  The most popular music blogs command worldwide attention and traffic!  While placement on these blogs does cost money, the funds are well spent considering the amount a musician’s brand can increase due to placement on a blog.  Again, a musician can easily place him or herself on a blog.  However, a music SEO agency in Charleston may help guarantee first page placement on a blog, so that the musician’s name and brand is always front and center.

In addition, creating a dialogue with fans will increase your likeability and therefore, enhance brand awareness.  For example, a post on social media regarding new music, an upcoming show, a social or political topic or anything else will undoubtedly garner reactions from fans.  The purpose of the fan’s reaction is two-fold: as feedback and as an attempt to keep the conversation going. Musicians that keep in communication with fans and respond to praise and critique are often the most adored, increasing the value of the brand.  When a fan feels involved in the musician’s career, he or she will remain a loyal fan.

Needless to say, marketing music is a long-term, not always simple process.  It is made much easier when you involve others in your promotion, whether that be a “promo team,” your fans or marketing & SEO Company in Boston ..  Either way, the more people that assist and the more avenues that are explored, the more recognized and adored a musician’s brand will become